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Hi! I'm Iona Catherine. Based online and in London, UK, I join forces with up-and-coming artists (hello if that's you!) to realise or enhance their sonic identities, together pushing the boundaries of songs and projects to be the ultimate expressive version of themselves.


So who am I? I possess significant practical and theoretical knowledge of songwriting and creative production (including recording and mixing), and a deep understanding of how music works, curated through 15 years of musical endeavors, culminating in a 1st Class Hons BMus Music degree from Goldsmiths, UoL.


As a multi-instrumentalist ( violin, vocals, guitar, mandolin, and more), experimental music enthusiast (graphic scores, field recording expeditions, fringe music experiences), and music tech lover (massive music production geek), I can bring electronic and acoustic expertise and experimental thinking to projects.

I strongly feel that production is a crucial component in bringing together all the elements of a project. At its simplest, it is the careful creative process of capturing and showcasing the raw recordings of a track, arranging them in the sonic sphere in such a way that a listener can truly connect with the artist's intention. More complexly, it can build an intriguing world of sound around the core songwriting elements through synthesis and sound design, extra recorded or MIDI instruments, field sounds, and piles of SFX and plugins such as reverbs, delays, pitch shifts, EQ's, compressors, distortions, and more, surrounding the listener with energetic aural intricacies.

By combining my production sensibilities with an artist's ideas and skills, beautiful boundary-pushing sonic results can be achieved. No idea is too small or too big, too little or too far developed, to be realised together. I am always enthused to hear any project vision and perspective. I like to work efficiently with artists (you?!) to make music that is bigger than both of us.


Learn more about me, previous projects, the production process, and how to get in contact to talk about your project by scrolling down through this site. I look forward to hearing from you!



       PORTFOLIO <3       



*here is a playlist of examples of my previous work. it contains a huge variety of tracks and genres including my own fully written, produced and mixed songs, cover songs, film soundtracks, and collaborations. please flick through them to hear the huge array of sounds i can achieve and techniques & approaches i take in my work*

          RELEASES ^_^       




*here is a playlist of my released work*


* here are some examples of my previous work *


Book a chat below to start the process, I look forward to hearing from you!


We will chat about your project idea and its needs. You could come with a concept and we record and build the music together, a demo which we will enhance with production, tracks you have already recorded and produced but need finishing touches, or anything in between.

We can discuss the meaning of the project and how to convey that musically, as well as an initial vision for building a unique boundary-pushing sonic identity.


I will work closely with you to put the project together. This could include recording, instrument arrangement, sound design, songwriting, lyricism, mixing, or whatever is needed to make the project fulfil itself to the highest standard.

I can finish off the mix for you, or simply leave it at production, whatever is needed.

And then it's done! Yay!


We will experiment with ideas for the sound of your project coming up with a production skeleton and timescales plan.


Each project is unique - and so it should be! Because of this, the fee I suggest will be based on the individual needs and wants of each project and artist. Book a chat below to talk your project through with me.

         *My Credentials* ^_^           

*here is a set of skills/training/achievements/general cool notable musical things about me that I regularly draw on and contribute to projects when working with artists (yes you and I can use ALL of these too... just saying ;)*


- I LOVE to hear about ideas, to experiment, and to make something different as well as highly musical out of projects... it can be as crazy an idea as you like, I'll be into it! ... recording pigeon and bus sounds around London to sample? DONE. reversing all vocals adding a bunch of pitch shifters and then changing the speed? DONE. recording the beat using a guitar case as a bass drum and metal spoons as a hi-hat? DONE. ANY OTHER IDEAS? LETS DO IT.


- I have a BA in Music from Goldsmiths UoL, 1st Class Hons, class of 2020

- I LOVE production and sound design. My favourite plugin synth is Serum and I make great use of Alchemy... I also like to use field recordings and processed MIDI instruments in my work

- I'm pretty great at music mixing


- I have played the violin for 15 years (woah!) specialising in folk music. I have a grade 8 in Scottish Folk fiddling, a diploma in Pop/Rock electric and acoustic violin performance, and extensive live gig and studio recording experiencing

- I also sing, play guitar, piano, mandolin, various percussion instruments, and just about anything else I can get my hands on to record so there is the possibility for lots of live elements in projects I work on. I even have a bass violin that sounds like a cello!


- Here is a playlist of my favourite musical influences that you can skip through if you like:

- I can read and write music to a high level with fluency

- I have a keen interest in music business, release strategy, branding, and marketing <3




Contact me to talk about any proposed projects.


I am always happy to chat through any queries, so do get in touch using this form, the details below, or any of my social media.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for submitting! I will aim to get back to you within 48hrs.

(+44) 07599374182

London, UK (GMT)

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